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Create A Complete, MONETIZED WordPress Affiliate Site In Less Than 60 Seconds With Just the Click Of A Mouse…

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What is AffiliROCKET?

Creating affiliate websites can be hard work and very time consuming… But let’s be honest affiliate sites are a great side hustle and can scrape up a ton of money for your wallet but it is very time consuming. 

With AffiliRocket it can be so easy to do what you need to do to get up and making money. Typically right off of the bat you will of course need to do WordPress maintenance and remove all their demo content, install all your required plugins, and then start adding all your required pages.  Better grab your coffee, this will take a while. Now that your site is setup, you need to do everyone’s least favorite task of adding content to all your posts, then inserting featured images into each post and, lastly, adding some videos to all your posts.  Yay, this is fun ????

Ok, so you have come this far…but now you need to monetize your site.  So, you need to insert affiliate products in to ALL those posts you just spend hours creating in order to make some money from your site.  Don’t cry, it will be over soon. Because with our AffiliROCKET discount it is so affordable to forget all of that hard work!  With AffiliRocket, you can skip all of that time consuming work and just let this amazing plugin do it ALL FOR YOU!

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Automatically Preforms Initial WordPress Setup Tasks

With the click of a button, AffiliRocket will remove demo content, change permalink structure, install plugins, and create legal pages.

Automatically Create Posts For All Your Keywods

Users can quickly upload an article and image for each keyword and the software will automatically add that content to your post or page when it is created.

Automattically Monetize The Site

In addition, the software will automatically add affiliate products to each post using Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Aliexpress and CJ.

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Dont Use WordPress… Without AffiliRocket!

  1. AffiliRocket will Build Your Entire Site in Under 60 Seconds
    Automatically remove demo content, create your posts, create legal pages, add images and videos.
  2. AffiliRocket Will Instantly Monetize Your Site Automatically!
    Stop wasting time monetizing your site and let AffiliRocket automatically insert ads from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress or CJ.
  3. AffiliRocket Will Build Your List, Sell More Products, Save Time!
    Add optin boxes to build your list…Add ads for your own products…Add high converting affiliate offers…it’s all done in a matter of seconds!


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