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Each email subscriber is a real person. It’s time to treat them like one And Get Loved By Google

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What is FreshMails & Why is it so Awesome?

FreshMails is a brand new tool that is going to completely change email marketing forever. This revolutionary Gmail hack can help you triple your clicks and conversion with these awesome powerful and smarter email features that have never been seen before. Every single one of your email subscribers is a real and they deserve the attention. Its time for your to treat them like the real person they are.

FreshMails starts to help your list by boosting your open rates, clicks and even conversions. All by using the email list and traffic that you have already built for yourself. All this tool takes is 3 simple steps. 

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The Possibilities with FreshMails are Endless!


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FreshMails Features:

  • Coupons and Discount Badges
  • Topic Bundles Catalog with CTAs
  • Catalog Cards for events
  • Text-over-image Cards

Using FreshMails is Easy as 1..2..3…

Step #1: Select and Add your coupons,images and other details

Step #2: Copy the generated code and add to your favorite autoresponder

Step #3: Your Smarter emails are ready to send and profit

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