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Solving The Autoplay Shutdown Problem FOREVER!

Playboost Discount

Ever since the auto play feature has been killed leads and sales from videos have went to crap. 

The only solution that we have found is to create and enormous amount of content to generate the same amount of leads that we had before. 

It has cost us a bunch of money as well as time. Time is the one asset that you can’t get back, we didn’t want to pay for another guy to come into the business and help us so we went searching for a tool or solution for this problem that we are now facing.

It has taken some serious time but Mario Brown and his team put some serious work into this tool that solved the problem and put us back into business… That was just in the testing stage. Here it is.

What is Playboost?

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Introducing the world’s first and the world’s only tool web tool to stop the autoplay shutdown problem that has been killing potential leads over the past year.

Enjoy more leads and sales from your unmissable videos on your pages without having to create a ridiculous amount of videos to drown your audience in your content. This is perfect to use without changing a thing on your website and landing pages or without creating a ton of videos!

Create Animated Highly Engaging Thumbnails to Boost Views Through the Roof.

more sales with playboostYou will never have to worry about visitors scrolling straight past your video thinking it’s just an image.

With the beautiful and unlimited customizations, easily create wildly engaging thumbnails that are unmissable.

Playboost is perfect for create these thumbnails and it is totally unheard of.



Playboost is really awesome because it plugs right into any new or existing videos that are on your website. You don’t have to spend hours or even days trying to correct your old videos. It is truly plugin and play.

The tool automatically places your animated thumbnails all over your videos. 

Turn Your Visitors Into Highly Engaged Fans

Turning an boring old video into an exciting unmissable experience is super hard to do ever since the autoplay feature has vanished.

If done creatively and right PlayBoost will make viewers want to watch your videos until the end… This means our users are more likely to purchase something from you right now and definitely become a long term fan.

Playboost is Here to Help You Adapt…

So… How did PlayBoost come to be?

Mario Brown and his team took the exact same concept that every marketer and advertising guru uses for advertising…

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Boring, dull images not getting clicks anymore on Facebook etc etc.

They went out and designed a tool that simply replaces their images with engaging, eye-catching moving images/GIFs/videos and BAM – their clicks go up, their costs go down and sales rise.

The concept was simple… Just apply this to your videos

…And it WORKED! We completely SOLVED the auto-play issue with one test!

That’s when they knew to build this out for the public so that they didn’t have to hire expensive designers and coders for each and every one of their videos!

Animate Your Auto-Paused Video Thumbnails for MORE Clicks, Leads & Sales!

playboost discount

  • Without logging into any video platform (…simply paste in your video link)
  • Without needing to using any third-party player (use your existing video hosting service)
  • Without hiring expensive designers and coders (…or needing to spend hours designing yourself)
  • Without replacing or editing anything in your video platform or builder (skip the video editing time and investment)
  • Without affecting anything in your main video (your marketing videos still SELL)

Learn So Much More About PlayBoost Here:

PlayBoost Discount

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