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Our Social Proofs Discount

Empowering WordPress Plugin, Let Your Customers Do The Marketing For You Business!

Finally, a easy to use WordPress plugin that empowers the portfolios of your local businesses, consultants and other online marketers. This awesome plugin is going to boost your conversions rate by gaining the trusts of your visitors all by showcasing testimonials that are very influential from reviews that are directly fetched from SEO platforms like Google and FaceBook.

SocialProofs is VERY SPECIAL! But Why?

Without any manual work SocialProofs is going to fetch the reviews from Google for you. After fetching the reviews Social Proofs will sift through the reviews and find the most influential reviews. The plugin is super flexible and will work for everyone, no matter your prior knowledge.

Just like fetching reviews from Google Social Proofs will also fetch some of the top most influential testimonials from Facebook for you, without you having to lift a single finger. Authenticity is key and it is what’s going to help you gain the trust of your leads. Social Proof makes the best out of every bit of social proof, us it to your advantage and start boosting your conversions today!

Building trust with your customers is something that alot of us fail to do, it is super important that we do this. Our leads are everything in and we need to baby them as much as possible. Gain the trust of your leads with Social Proofs and make sure that once they are your customer that you take care of them with valuable content.

100% newb friendly, this word press plugin requires NO CODING. The plugin is highly adaptable for any wordpress site and will for sure be a tool that proves to be strong in your arsenal of marketing tools.

  • 54% of the customers prefer to look for online reviews before buying a service or product.
  • People tend to trust more on reviews than branded content.
  • Good reviews builds trust in the market.
  • Referral content to tends to convert better than brand’s other marketing efforts.
  • Reviews create credibility to the brand.
  • 94% of customers read online reviews
  • More than 50 percent look at reviews, while only 34 percent are focused on deals.
  • 76% of consumers said that they were willing to pay more for a service or product with higher review scores.
  • Time to show all the latest reviews right on your site directly from Google and Facebook.
  • Hassle-free add and subtract reviews, right from the dashboard.
SocialProofs Discount

Using SocialProofs is as Easy as 1-2-3!

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Testimonials are like one of the MOST important things online!

 Without them you are just like every other Tom, Dick and Harry but with them you stand out with proof you are not only real but they  are like mini endorsement stories that capture your visitors trust. If you have their trust and a good product to sell they will continue to buy from you for years to come.

That is why Social Proofs is a winner it provides that trust!

Trust-buiding is just a Blink Away!

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Customers showering their love and their reviews are jumping constantly through Google and Facebook right there in front of your now future leads right there on your website.

Love! Love! Love! is the new Trust! Trust! Trust

As Trust-Building becomes the key to ever growing success we need more tools to help!

In Today’s world, reviews are the new word of mouth, the most effective marketing tool ever to exist. Use our WordPress review plugin to display your best reviews from platforms like Google and Facebook right on your website. Let your customers do the talking today. Use our SocialProofs Discount to save right now.

SocialProofs Discount

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