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Today all anyone ever talks about is building funnels… Yes, we know they work, no one is doubting that, but let’s just take a step back. Not everything you do online is about building funnels there is just way more to it.  This is one of the main reasons Kickpages was created.  Kickpages was made to be completely flexible while remaining extremely simple.  It is truly an all-in-one website creation tool.  I for one sincerely believe Kickpages can complete any project you throw at it without breaking a sweat…  Yes, even full websites or membership sites with various different pages.

Kickpages is going to kill it for you when it comes to scenarios like creating webinar signups, full websites, landing pages, contest pages, membership sites, sales funnels, and anything else you can think of. 


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Landing Pages Are Just the Start

Yes, while it’s true that you can build just about any page that you’d like within Kickpages, you will soon realize that Kickpages is more than that. With all of the stuff that integrates with Kickpages you’ll understand just what I mean. You can build surveys, booking forms, membership sites, and much more. On top of that when you add Zapier to your mix not only will all of your data be sent to Zapier and can be used in any other platform compatible with Zapier.  You can even have Kickpages send form data to any external URL you define, allowing you to create endless custom workflows if you desire.

Smart Workflow design is the heart and soul of what Kickpages is about… NO chunkiness allowed here! Nobody likes having to click all over the place just to get a couple of things done. With Kickpages, your entire workflow is seamless and smooth. No extra clicks, page loads, quirks, or annoying bugs. When you’re building pages so fast, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Make sure you don’t forget to use our Kickpages Discount link to save money on the last page builder that you’ll ever need.

Kickpages plays nicely with just about every tool imaginable. And if it doesn’t? Just let the awesome team behind Kickpages know and of course if possible they will do there best get it added to the platform as soon as possible.. Check out some of the integrations that Kickpages has, allowing you to create seamless marketing campaigns using all your favorite tools:

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Inside The Kickpages Platform

Inside of Kickpages, there are so many different and awesome features that it will make your head spin (and of course they are adding more all the time). The creators of Kickpages would rather give more and you not need it, than you need it and it not be available.  It’s just the way their team thinks.  From my experiences, they love to over-deliver. 

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A Powerful Design Block System That Lets You Create Whatever Type of Page You Can Imagine. The Only Limitation? Your Imagination.

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The Kickpages Design Block system is like a collection of 100’s of mini templates for all the parts that make up a web page.

For example: website headers, hero sections, pricing tables, contact forms….we’ve got design blocks for all of it. You can pretty much create any kind of page you can think of with just about any type of layout. And no matter what you design, it will still show perfectly on any mobile device.

But the best part? When you combine design blocks with the existing template library, you have an infinite number of layouts and options to choose from.

Never be stuck with a limited number of stale templates like some builders – using Kickpages lets you get creative in ways you never thought possible.

You can even save any section of a page to your very own personal Design Block collection and re-use them anywhere you want!




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